Service User Code of Conduct

South Kent Mind supports people who are experiencing mental health problems, people who may at times feel vulnerable, distressed, anxious or paranoid.

We promote a friendly, safe and supportive environment.

We ask therefore that service users behave in a tolerant, patient, respectful and kind manner to everyone at all times.

Please keep personal boundaries. Think carefully before forming friendships or sharing your personal details with others.

Please note you may be excluded from services:

  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed substances, or you are bringing these into services.
  • If your behavior disrupts the smooth running of services as a place of safety, respite and support for all attendants.
  • If you are aggressive or abusive towards other service users, volunteers or staff.
  • If you seek to sell cigarettes or any other items, or to borrow money from other service users while attending services.

If you have any concerns, please ask to see a member of staff in confidence.

Thank you for respecting the above code of conduct.

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